Louise Boulanger

Location: Colonsay and Oronsay
farming and crofting

A detonation attempt near Kiloran Bay

A good few years ago, a local youngster was working with his father, repairing a fence near Kiloran Bay. There was an enormous strainer that needed removing, and it transpired that it had been concreted into the ground. They considered their options for the removal of this strainer, and decided that their best bet was to call on the help of the local, self-appointed, explosions ‘expert’.

This particular character happened to have some dynamite, and it was decided that, with this, he would blast the strainer out of the ground. He spent a while laying the dynamite, all the while assuring his audience not to worry, and that he knew exactly what he was doing.

Once he was satisfied with his preparations, they all retired to a safe distance, and he ignited the dynamite. At least he tried to… alas, nothing happened. They waited a few minutes before the dynamic dynamite-expert sauntered back towards the strainer casually, reassuring his by now slightly concerned spectators “Don’t worry boys, I know what I’m doing”. He made whatever adjustments were required at the base of the strainer, and began strolling back towards his audience, ready to try again.

It was at this point that the dynamite exploded, and the strainer was blasted into the sky, causing the poor man to scatter in all directions, all sense of cool casualness completely departed!

As told to Jen McNeill by Kevin Byrne

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