The Coast that Shaped the World

COAST is a gathering of stories, histories and people, and we encourage you to explore and understand the coastline, landscape, heritage and culture of the west coast of Scotland. 

A COAST which has shaped our world and yours.
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Four exhibitions, all about the west COAST of Scotland were hosted throughout the summer of 2022 in various locations. The exhibitions are a small snippet of over 300 stories collected during lockdown about the history, architecture, landscape, seascape and people of the west coast and how they have shaped the world.

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Download the COAST app to experience the stories on the move. You can also listen to some of the stories narrated through the app while visiting the locations where they happened – immersing yourself in the sense of place.

The app is a discovery tool for exploring either by theme, or location across the west coast of Scotland, so when you are out and about, the nearby stories will appear to learn more about your destination. The COAST project ethos is all about visiting respectfully and responsibly – please visit the Scottish Outdoor Access code for guidance.

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Be inspired and excite your senses by exploring the MaraMap from the comfort of your home before you go out and roam around the stunning coastlines, islands and water ways. You can get on and off the water at over 300 locations across the west coast! Find out how and where with our Marine Hub and Ferry Terminal tabs and also find out what there is to see and do nearby. Scotland’s west coast is rich with wildlife, beaches, castles, shipwrecks, lighthouses and so much more. Visit respectfully and responsibly – please visit the Scottish Outdoor Access code for guidance. Get ready to be inspired as you click and explore our map to help you shape your next amazing adventure!

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