Peter Newling

Location: Ullapool, Gairloch and Lochinver
worship, archaeology

Clachan Church

At the head of Loch Broom, Clachan has been a site of worship for over 800 years. The existing structure remains largely unaltered since 1817.

It has been the scene of a number of notable events other than worship over the centuries. It is thought that Robert the Bruce may have attended Clachan in August 1309 when he sealed a Royal charter from Lochbroom. It also has ties to the 1745 uprising, including a notable incident involving the Hanoverian minister of Clachan who rescued his Jacobite parishioners from London prisons.

In 1773, a last communion was held at the Clachan Church for one of the first waves of Scottish emigrants bound for North America. The sailing ship Hector was moored in the loch nearby: and from the church the Highlanders were rowed out to begin their journey to Pictou in Nova Scotia.

Under threat of closure and private sale, the community bought Clachan Church in 2018 and they are gradually carrying out essential renovations to keep it safe for centuries to come.

As contributed by the Clachan Lochbroom Heritage Trust

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