Location: Fort William and the Great Glen
hiding places

Three ‘men’ on a motorbike

"My father and his pal were great poachers. Once they shot a stag in Achintore, but the pair of them could not get a van or car to take the stag home so they decided to take it on the back of a motorbike. Dad took off his army coat and put the stag’s legs through the sleeves then they put the beast between them on the bike.

"They were on route home when the bobby (policeman) saw them so they headed back up the hill and went and hid under a bridge. By then there was a car coming down the brae and it was the local doctor. And the bobby stopped him and asked him if he had seen three men on a motorbike. Of course, he said no. But the next morning when the doctor went to his surgery there was a bit of venison left for him from the ‘three men’ on the bike."

As told by Morag MacPherson MacDonald, resident of Fort William

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