Location: Torridon
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The movie world arrives in Torridon

In the mid-1990s there was much excitement and interest from locals when the movie world arrived in Torridon to make the film Loch Ness. Loch Ness was too busy for a film set, and so much of the film was shot in Diabaig. A number of local residents took part as extras or worked as crew painting and creating sets. Eagle eyed viewers watching the film may have wondered why the shores of the loch were covered in seaweed - the scenes actually being shot at Loch Torridon, which is a sea rather than freshwater loch.

Filming took place at the end of the road at Diabaig whilst the old Torridon Village Hall became the company headquarters.

On Saturday 3rd February 1996, two buses filled with local residents left Torridon for La Scala Cinema in Inverness where the world premiere of the film was shown. The audience sat through all the credits rolling on screen at the end, cheering when a local name popped up. A great occasion for the cinema, the area and of course, the monster.

As told by Anne MacRae, resident of Torridon

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