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a drop by the ocean, polly pullar, 2014

Location: Small Isles
farming and crofting

The legendary Lawrence MacEwen of Muck

A thick-set Viking looking man [was] seen struggling to get a very large pony on board a very small boat at Glenuig pier. The man’s hands were of peculiar note as they were the largest that the onlooker had ever seen. In the end, the man just tucked his broad shoulders right in behind the pony’s backside and hoiked the surprised creature straight aboard.

This was Lawrence MacEwen, the owner of Muck, whose struggle to overcome and refusal to be beaten by the logistics of livestock movement has become legendary over the years… Lawrence was very interested in livestock development… and decided to introduce a Luing to Muck...In January 1972, Luing Pathfinder was brought over from the Oban sale to Mallaig… The plan was to take the bull from the lorry into a horse box and lower the box on to the Muck boat. Pathfinder went straight in and out again through the front door, took off and charged down the herring shanty town, making for the sea. Then he turned back, sped through Mallaig towards the railway line, and headed off towards Fort William [as far as Morar then back towards Mallaig]... a bit tired by that time, so Lawrence managed somehow to get him back on the road… and finally onto Wave. Sailing over to Muck under the full moon, it then took another hour to lead the [worn-out] bull to the farm… as he lay down on the road three times on the way!

Adapted from Polly Pullar, A drop by the ocean, 2014

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In memory of Lawrence MacEwen, the ‘Prince of Muck’ Born: July 24, 1941; Died: May 16, 2022.