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isle of harris distillers ltd

Location: Harris
distilling, gaelic culture

The famous Isle of Harris gin bottle

The Isle of Harris Distillers Ltd describes their award-winning Isle of Harris gin's famous rippled glass bottle as evoking ‘the maritime elements of the Isle of Harris, from the wind-blown seas of Luskentyre to the sweeping sands of Seilebost... There are subtle irregularities in form, curves and dimples which seem to effortlessly fit into the hand. The tactile lines become smooth in places, as if worn by tides like a piece of flotsam or jetsam. The paper label holds flecks of Sugar Kelp and copper, each one different with over 20 unique iterations.’

The Isle of Harris Distillers was established to tackle the long-term decline in the island's population, with many young people moving away from their rural roots to urban cities and towns. By creating new opportunities, the distillery aims to encourage islanders to stay on Harris. A visit to the distillery in Tarbert could not make this message clearer: ‘we see ourselves as a catalyst for positive change within our community’ tell Harris Distillers. ‘We continue to work with purpose, bringing new life to our island and supporting its aspirations to survive and thrive as we move forward together to meet the challenges of the 21st century.’

You can visit the Isle of Harris Distillery in Tarbert, Isle of Harris.

More information on visiting the area can be found here.