Iain Johnston

Location: Gigha
shipwrecks, hiding places, ships and boats

The Esperanza

"The Esperanza was a Spanish ship that came afoul of the rocks just 200 metres southwest of Tarbert Farm a few hundred years ago. The First Mate and some of the crew managed to row ashore in a small boat, but as they were heading to shore the First Mate revealed that he had grabbed a small leather pouch from the ship, which contained gold coins.

"He and the crew fell to arguing over the gold, and so it happened that the pouch of coins got thrown overboard in the ensuing scuffle. Graham McCulloch told me that when he was a young boy on Gigha, there was an elderly woman on the island who had a necklace, the centrepiece of which was a Spanish gold coin. Her father had found it on the shore on the west coast, near Tarbert Farm."

As told by Don Dennis as remembered from Gigha residents John Martin and Graham McCulloch

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