CC BY-SA, Jim Champion

Location: Torridon
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The Brahan Seer Prophecies

The Brahan Seer was believed to have lived in the 16th or 17th century and was said to be a young boy from the Isle of Lewis named Coinneach Odhar (Kenneth the Swallow) who found a stone with a hole in it through which he was able to see the future. Some predictions related to Torridon include that a mighty landslide would fall over the village from Liathach if ever a woman wearing a red petticoat and carrying a cockerel under her arm were to walk by the village. There have, in fact, been minor avalanches here.

Other predictions that some believe have been fulfilled relate to the construction of the Caledonian Canal ("Strange as it may seem to you this day , the time will come, and it is not far off, when full rigged ships will be seen sailing eastward and westward by the back of Tomnahurich, near Inverness") as well as the construction of the railway line from Dingwall to Skye ("The day will come when long strings of carriages without horses shall run between Dingwall and Inverness and more wonderful still, between Dingwall and the Isle of Skye").

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