Location: Skye
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The Acacia

In the spring of 1926 Alexander Reid, fisherman of Kyleakin Isle of Skye, gave a commission to Wood, boatbuilder of Lossiemouth, to build a 40 ft Zulu type fishing vessel. It was to be named the Acacia and registered as BRD 133 .

The Reid family were originally from the Lossiemouth area and had settled in Portree but moved to Kyleakin around 1900.

The design of the Acacia was based on Alexander's observation of the anatomy of the Herring Gull. The waterplane of the gull gives the maximum beam below the head so Alex followed this design.

The problem with a ring netter with a forward wheelhouse is the fact that the skipper at the wheel is not able to see clearly the net being shot and hauled. If there were to be any problems such as a crew member going overboard, he would not be able to react quickly. So it was after that that the wheelhouse was moved.

As contributed by Will Maclean, Emeritus Professor at the University of Dundee

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