Location: Applecross and Loch Carron

Lobsters and washing machines!

“This is a story about my father, Rev Alexander Murray, Free Presbyterian minister of Applecross, Wester Ross; from 1956 to 1984. This story happened about early 1960s.

"My father and his elder were out setting a herring net and as was the way, left it set overnight. However, a gale blew up and it was not possible to retrieve the net until several days had past. Upon lifting the net it was discovered a huge lobster had been drawn to the herring caught within and had itself been ensnared. When this monster was taken back home there was no pot big enough to cook it - to give you an idea of size when my mother held it up it's claw reachedo the ground. So it was decided that the only receptacle big enough was the Hoover Twin Tub washing machine and to put it on a 'Boil Wash'.

"Several weeks passed and my father was off to the Communion in Kyle (of Lochalsh) and he stayed with a local family there as it went on from Wednesday right through till the Monday. The lady of the house was very proud of a new electrical gadget in her house - the latest type of washing machine - programmable no less! All you had to do, as she explained to my father, was to change cards for different types of washing. What a technological marvel! But, she says, there doesn't appear to be a card for LOBSTER.”

As told by John Murray The image shown is of the Manse at Camusteil, Applecross about 1960.

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