Kilmory Home Farm in 1967/Archie MacArthur

Location: Mid Argyll and Inveraray
farming and crofting

Kilmory Castle and Home Farm

"My grandfather was a tenant there in 1913. It was owned then by the Campbell-Orde family. The castle engaged seedsmen from all over the world - that’s why there are plants from all over the world. There’s a bush outside Kilmory Castle that was planted by Princess Alice. There’s an alcove in the clock lodge that used to have a nude statue in it - no one knows where it went.

"There were cattle troughs in there as Campbell Orde had a herd of Indian Bramin cattle. He also had St Kilda sheep, fallow deer and Highland cattle. When Mr Coats (a later owner) had the castle, they steamed the wallpaper on what was then the ballroom off and sold it to Christies and made a pile of money. It was Chinese, hand-embroidered with pelicans, all hand-made with pearls. The floor of the ballroom was also built on springs so it gave a good bounce when you danced. There was a bell above the clock that rung when it was lunch time etc."

As told by Archie MacArthur

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