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Location: Small Isles
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Fishing on Muck

Muck has always been known for its fishing: islanders used to fish as far as Rockall and the island had its own salt store at Port Mór. Lobsters were also caught in large numbers, and islanders did not think anything of having to row their catch to the mainland or to Mull for dispatch down south!

“[Muck] is relatively close to the banks where cod and ling could be caught and these were big fish and they would be brought back to Muck and the families of the fishermen would salt them and dry them and they were taken to Tobermory in the days of the salt tax to be certified. Fish were also caught for the pot and fish traps could be used in the days when the waters teemed with fish.

"There is a very neat trap in the eastern half of Bagh and a very large one at Gallanach in the middle bay. There isn't one visible at Camus na Cairidh (the bay of the fish trap) but it must have been washed away: they were probably used from prehistoric times till the 16th century or even later!

"The people also knew all the places where they could fish from the rocks and there is a place which called Creag Eiginn (Desperation Rock) where if all other places failed, one might still get fish. It was also considered a dangerous place to fish from and is at the south end of An Leacdach (the flat one), the gabbro dyke at the entrance to Sloc na Dubhaich (the dark pit)."

As told by Catriona White, farmer and local historian

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