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Location: Mull and Iona
gaelic language and placenames, gaelic culture

Dùn I‘s Well of Eternal Youth

The summit of Dùn I, (Iona’s fort), the highest point on Iona, stands at some 101 meters above sea level and offers great panoramic views of the Treshnill Ilses, Staffa and Coll and on a really clear day, the islands of Rum, Eigg, and Skye.

But apart from its views, Dun I rewards those climb it with the power to restore their youth at Tobar na h-Aoise (the well of Age). To do this you had to bath your faces at sunset in this pool situated in a rock cleft just below the summit, or so pilgrims to Iona like to think. Many wash their faces in this pool, or sip from its waters, as a way of seeking new beginnings in their lives and world.

Contributed by Chris Merchant, Iona Abbey

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