CC BY-SA, © Copyright David Hoult

Location: Jura

Burning banknotes!

Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, who are members of music group KLF, filmed themselves burning £1 million worth of banknotes in the Ardfin boathouse on the 23rd August 1994. In the early hours of the morning, Drummond and Cauty were filmed methodically burning the cash - the bulk of the money they earned from record sales.

It was an extreme action that has provoked intense debate ever since.

Newspaper reports from the time could scarcely believe anyone would do such a thing - yet footage exists of the duo carefully placing handfuls of £50 notes into a fire.

The boathouse where this took place is situated on the Ardfin Estate, at the southern tip of the island, between Feolin and Craighouse. For some seventy years from 1938, Ardfin belonged to the Riley-Smith family, brewers from Tadcaster in Yorkshire. In 2010 the estate was sold and is now run as a luxury hotel and golf course.

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