Don Dennis

Location: Gigha
travel by sea, ships and boats

Bull of Craro

This one stone sits on the low ridge of the nearby 8 acre island of Craro, just off of Cuddyport. It rather resembles a bull from the shore of Gigha, if you have a good imagination. The stone points to the NE. The story is told that a few centuries ago there was a pirate ship that attacked and took over a merchant ship, while they were sailing in the Mediterranean. The captain of the pirate vessel was originally from Gigha, though nobody on the merchant ship knew that of course. The crew of the merchant ship were forced to walk the plank. But as the cabin boy was about to do so, he called out “Please give my remembrances to my family on Gigha.” The pirate captain heard him, and, suspicious that someone had told the boy to say he was from Gigha, queried him. “Boy!” He shouted, “Which way does the Bull of Craro face?” The cabin boy immediately replied “Northeast sir!” And so the captain knew he was from Gigha, and so he spared his life.

As told by Don Dennis as remembered from 'The Magic of Gigha' by Freddy Gillies.

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