Location: Gigha
fishing, travel by sea

Back from the dead

As told to me by the late Duncan MacNeill, Fisherman, Gigha, who served in WW1. War over he returns to fishing with brother Malcolm and father. Fishing boat, Janet CN 49 – Drift Net Herring.

"I now begin… We followed the herring on this particular trip, we were away down to the south of Ireland, near Kinsale, we landed our catch in that area. One evening ashore, we went to the pub for a stout. Gaelic was spoken. An Irish fisherman pointed to a well dressed lady, he continued: “She has come back from the dead – I will explain he said. She was ill and declared dead. In the darkness thieves dug up the grave, left with her finery, jewellery, that was buried with her at her request years ago. Daylight came she arose. The Doctor declared she had been in a trance. She was keen to thank the robbers, nobody owned up for fear of a serious charge.”

Now!! I know for a fact the MacNeill family are totally honest, my late wife Lily MacNeill, daughter of Malcolm is an example, honest to the last breath. What I have written, I believe to be absolute facts.

As told by John Martin, as told by the late Duncan MacNeill, fisherman, Gigha.

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