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Location: Lewis
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A soft drinks company for Lewis

Norman Murray (Tormod Dhòmhnaill Thormoid Ruaidh) helped to pioneer the manufacture of lemonade within the island. He began operating at 44 Habost in 1915, on an area of land known as 'an Tom Gorm'. Though invited down to the capital to take a course in the manufacture of lemonade and beverages, he was reluctant to spend time away from home and impatient to get on, and so opted to learn his trade from textbooks and practical experience.

With the country at war at the time it was difficult to develop the business. The goods required- such as sugar and bottles- were not readily available. He eventually received a regular supply of bottles from Hay & Sons in Aberdeen which helped to greatly improve production. Local fresh spring water, particularly from Tobar ThĂ boist, was used- pails of water would be carried from the local wells.

By 1922, Ness Lemonade had gained a reputation for quality which was considered to rival any being sold in Stornoway. By the time Ness Lemonade ceased trading, millions of bottles had been bottled and sold. Several of these lemonade bottles can be found on display in the Comunn Eachdraidh.

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