Image of Challenge Anneka in Cumbrae courtesy of Mapes of Millport

Location: The Cumbraes
the view from 2020

A Favourite 'Doon the Watter’ Destination

barrow he used to sell fruits and vegetables at the weekly market.

The ‘barra’ had an old door attached to it, which would be pulled out and supported with stilts to act as a table. Isobel’s mother was known as ‘Dolly’ as she sang in the local pub and her favourite song was ‘Hello Dolly’. This was the time when Cumbrae was a popular ‘doon the watter’ holiday destination, with a prestigious tea-room for high teas and milk from its own island dairy!

Rowing boats could be hired to fish haddock, the Irish Boys Brigade’s came to wild camp and the townhall hosted the Blind Association’s large annual do. Millport had its own football team and after each match, it was customary for the referee to be thrown into the town’s boating pond!

Cycling was always big and the mail used to be delivered by two cycling post-ladies. More recently, a rally of a thousand cyclists marked the successful completion of Challenge Anneka in 1992, which transformed the derelict ‘Hush hush’ wartime building into a youth outdoor centre with the help of local businesses in a mere 72 hours!

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