Discover our self-guided trails

Discover our self-guided trails

Three new illustrated and self-guided trails help visitors explore COAST themes and stories

At COAST we have enjoyed making links with other story gathering and tourism projects and one of our most important collaborations has been with ‘The Spirit of the Highlands and Islands’ (two of our guest blog posts explain who they are and what they have achieved).

In this spirit we recently contributed three self-guided trails to the ‘Itineraries’ section on their inspiring Discover Highlands and Islands website. This provides recommended itineraries for visitors to the Highlands guided by a specific subject or theme, such as shinty, knitwear, seafood or filming locations, and often incorporating alternative or less well-visited sites. The feature allows users to personalise or build their own itineraries, and includes an interactive map.

Assisted by students at the UHI Centre for History, and beautifully illustrated by UHI West Highland intern Louise Boulanger, we have curated the following trails, drawing on stories gathered through COAST and highlighting other relevant sites along the way.

‘A Day Full of Magic’ takes visitors around sites connected to ghosts, witchcraft and legends around Fort William and Glencoe.

‘Discovering Arran Water’ is a circumnavigation of the island exploring sites and stories connected with illicit distilling en-route.

‘Supernatural Wester Ross’ takes in stories relating to myth and legend from Applecross to Torridon.

Let us know if you try them out- and we hope you enjoy them.