w.m. mackenzie, the book of arran- history and folklore (1914)

Location: Arran
gaelic culture

The giant Scorri

There was said to be a giant called Scorri living in the glen who attacked the women who passed by on their way to Brodick to sell their eggs and milk. The locals decided to gather and deal with the giant.

They split into two groups and each group gathered at the top of the ridges on opposite sides of the glen. One group called ‘Scorri’ and insulted the giant who ran up the steep hill towards them. Just as he reached the top the group on the other side would call to him and insult him more, so he would turn and run back down the incline and up the other side.

By this time he was tiring - this gave the locals the advantage and they were able to kill the giant Scorri. It is said that this is how Glen Scorradale got its name.

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