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Location: Islay

Rhinns of Islay Lighthouse

There are seven lighthouses throughout the Isle of Islay and on the surrounding smaller islands. These lighthouses were built to warn ships of dangers such as cliffs and rocks and to help steer mariners in periods of fog or low visibility.

The most westerly of the lighthouses is The Rhinns of Islay Lighthouse. It is situated on the small island of Orsay lying off the south coast of Islay, opposite the picturesque villages of Port Wemyss and Portnahaven.

It is 46 metres (around 151 feet) above sea level and has a tower height of 29 metres (around 95 feet). The engineer responsible for the construction of the Lighthouse in 1895 was Robert Stevenson who was Engineer to the Northern Lighthouse Board for nearly 50 years and was responsible for the construction of many of Scotland’s lighthouses.

They were, of necessity, built in a variety of remote and difficult to access locations. Lighthouse staff no longer resided on the lighthouse when it was automated in 1988.

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