Libby Logan's father - courtesy of Libby Logan

Location: Arran
farming and crofting

Dad was a vet on Arran

This story is a personal reflection about growing up as a Veterinarian's daughter on Arran.

"This is the story of my dad Jack Logan. He was born in Corrie Terrace on the Isle of Arran in 1915. Dad went to the University of Glasgow to learn veterinary medicine. His studies were interrupted by a stint in the Army during the war, and he qualified in the late 1940s. My mum met my dad whilst on holiday in Arran with her friend just after the war - they came from Manchester and had chosen their holiday destination by closing their eyes and sticking a pin in a map. Mum was a trainee accountant but gave up this to work with my Dad in the Vet business. After working in Glasgow and Wales, an opportunity arose for dad to return to Arran to set up his Vet practice. This was around 1960 - I was born on Arran in 1962.

"I have so many memories of our chaotic life surrounded by sick and injured animals. James Herriot style - dad went to university with him. Some examples - there were no mobile phones, so my mum or one of us ( my older sister, brother or I) had to stay at home to answer the phone 24/7 in case of an emergency. When my dad was out on his rounds, and another call came in, my mum would look at his planned route around the island and phone up one of the farmers to hang a bag on their farm gate - this was the signal for dad to stop in as he had another call. Operations were carried out on our kitchen table - I remember Mum scrubbing it down after lunch and boiling the instruments in a saucepan. Cats were put to sleep in our old white enamel bread bin with a bit of cotton wool soaked in chloroform.

"At that time, Arran had many small farms - most are gone now, but as the only vet on the island, he was kept very busy. Looking back, I had an unusual childhood but to me, walking up to a goat in the living room was quite normal."

As told by Libby Logan.

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