CC BY, Wendy Miller


the gaelic of arran, nils magnus homer, 1957

Location: Arran
gaelic culture, gaelic language and placenames

Craig na h-Iolarach

There is a crag with a very special story in Penrioch, an ancient hamlet above Pinmill on Arran’s west coast.

Years and years ago, a woman called Mairi was out in the fields harvesting oats with her child by her side. Out of nowhere, an eagle swooped down on the child and carried her off to its eyrie. Heeding Mairi’s calls for help, the men at the harvest downed their scythes and rushed off with ladders and ropes to try and retrieve the child. They fixed them over the rocks and climbed down into the eagle’s nest to find the child hale and hearty without so much as a bite on her!

She lived to a ripe old age and that’s how the crag got its name, still known to this day, Creag na h-Iolarach (the Eagle’s crag).

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