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Wester Ross - Applecross

Meet our local story gatherers

Grass roots story gathering is at the heart of COAST. 32 locals have been brought on board as story gatherers to reach out and encourage sharing and to gather material for our story bank. If you have a story to tell do please use our survey link but should you know of any important resources that would help our local story gatherers please use the appropriate form below to contact them. Some but not all of our story gatherers speak Gaelic.

Gòrdan Camshron is from Applecross, Wester Ross, and has been interested in the history and heritage of the area since he began collecting place names and stories from his grandparents. Having worked for the Applecross Historical Society on a number of heritage projects, this new story collecting initiative can play an important role in helping to record and safeguard both older and newer stories detailing how life continues to change on the coast.